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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ for Flash -- the Macromedia special effects plug-in.


How difficult/easy is it to add to my web page?
It is very easy -- simply copy the Flash HTML that we send you into your web pages, make sure the .swf is in the same directory, and then upload both to your server, and that's it!

How do I resize my flash?!
Flash is scalable and can be changed any time. Simply change the width and height parameter in the Flash html statement. For example, width=500, height=500.

Do I need a plug-in for my browser?
No, practically all 4.0+ IE/Netscape browsers include the plugin.

Is the 'Wyka-Warzecha' credits/loading message displayed when I purchase a FlashKit?
No. This message is removed/not displayed, and you can replace it with a message of your own. When you place your order, you can replace this message by entering new text in the line called "Flash Loading Message:". These FlashKits can be used on commerical websites as well.

I want different coloured text.
No problem. Simply indicate which colour you'd like when you order. (For example, blue=#0000FF)

I need a white or some other color for the background to match my site.
No problem. When you fill out the order form, please indicate the exact hexadecimal color you wish. So for example, blue would be "#0000FF". You can also change it yourself anytime by simply changing the background parameter that is in the HTML code that we send you.

For example:
<param name=bgcolor value=#0000FF>

I want it to link to my site, or somewhere else.
Simply provide the link you'd like when you order, and it will be embedded in the .swf file.
(If it is a splash page ('intro'), please indicate the 'second' page it will link to (since this will most likely
be used as your 'index.htm' page. I.e., -- link to

How much text can I have displayed?
It depends on product you choose -- it is only as large as provided in the specifications, so be sure that it the product you want (and so that it is comfortably displayed and not cramped).

Wow, so these are custom made??
Yes, each is created on an individual basis. You can specify extra parameters (such as above), and we incorporate it.

Can I stop it from looping forever?
Yes, simply include: <param name=loop value=false> in the Flash html statement. Or please indicate that when you order.

I want a really special/customized one, with other special effects/images/music/sounds, and so forth!

Great! Then please contact us for special custom pricing. Please send us your specifications (i.e., what types of images you want, if you want to provide any sound/music/images to incorporate, your own company logo, etc) and we'll provide you with a quote and ordering URL. (Time permiting we'll accept the job.) Payment must be received before any work begins.

I ordered it, but now want a refund, can I?
Since each product is individually created, we cannot issue a refund. So, please make sure that you choose the right product and associated text before you order. Any pre-order questions are happily answered, and usually within 24 hours. We want you to be happy, and we mean it! Please contact us for any questions (@

How do I order these products? And when do I receive them after I order?
It's safe, secure, simple and and fast. Click here for the full details.

Other questions? Please contact us at